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The Man Next Door










© Roger Woodcock  2014


Approx running time 20 minutes


If you are interested in producing this play then please contact me via the contacts page.



Scene 1



(The scene opens in the kitchen of  Gerald and Wendy, a middle aged married couple. Gerald is washing dishes at the sink and Wendy is sitting at the kitchen table writing out a shopping list)


                       CHARACTERS:   GERALD:  Middle-aged man, husband of Wendy

                                            WENDY:   Gerald`s wife

                                            ALFRED: Gerald and Wendy`s new next door neighbour



GERALD:  Well I still say there is something odd about him. Every time we`ve been out in the garden this week he`s been up there at his bedroom window  ogling you.  And I swear blind he was using a pair of binoculars yesterday. Disgusting!


WENDY:  Oh come on dear, you should be flattered that somebody still finds me attractive. Perhaps he`s just a bit lonely that`s all - living on his own in a new house and everything.


GERALD: (Rather forcefully))  That`s your trouble Wendy! Always thinking the best of people. I mean, what do we know about the bloke. He`s been in the house nearly a fortnight now and not a word from him. I thought the least he could do was come round and introduce himself. For all we know he could be a wanted rapist, or one of those sex fiends.


WENDY: (crossly)  Oh don`t be so silly Gerald! Just because somebody doesn`t knock on your front door as soon as they arrive in the neighbourhood it doesn`t make them another Hanibal Lecter. Anyway if you must know I had a quick word with him yesterday whilst I was putting the washing out – asked him if he`d settled in okay. I must say apart from being a bit shy he seemed pleasant enough. Anyway I said if he ever wanted anything he`d only to come round-


GERALD: (interrupting)  Oh well that`s it then isn`t it! He probably thinks he`s on a winner now, you flaunting yourself  over the garden fence. Minute I`m out of the house he`ll be round here, smiling innocently, asking if he can borrow a cup of sugar.  You`ll invite him in whilst you get what he wants and then, bingo, you`re trapped in your own kitchen with a raving sex maniac-


WENDY: (interrupting crossly)  Will you stop it Gerald!  For goodness sake, you`ll have me as paranoid as you about the poor man.(she smiles thinly ) And anyway you know we don`t use sugar anymore since you decided I needed to go on a diet.


GERALD:  (exasperated)  It`s alright you joking about it but I still reckon there`s something dodgy about him.


WENDY:   (rising from table)  Well I think you`re making a mountain out of a very tiny molehill love. And now, unless of course you think I`m in mortal danger from a serial shelf-stacker, I`m off to the supermarket.


GERALD:  (moodily)  Well I still think he`s weird.


WENDY:  (mimicking voice as she heads for the door)   See you later Holmes.






 - End of Extract


© Roger Woodcock  2014


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