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Darra's Coffin


A Black Comedy




When the owner of an undertakers, Darra Driscoll, is tragically killed after he is run over by one of his own hearses, the firm`s three carpenters, Gwynne, Tom and Terry, wonder what will happen to them. When Winnie, the former owner`s flighty, money-grabbing wife reveals her plans,  it sets off a sequence of events which has the the three men fearing for their futures.


(click on the image opposite for an extract of this play).



Approx running time 94 minutes

The Man Next Door







The sight of his next door neighbour peering through binoculars from his bedroom window has Gerald fearing for the safety of his wife.  But when Gerald is confronted by his new neighbour he discovers all is not as it seems. And then a knock on Gerald`s door turns his world upside down.






Approx running time 20 minutes







A son visits his ailing, demented father in hospital for him to sign some vital papers.


As the visit progresses the father reveals long-hidden information which has a profound and shocking effect on the son.






Approx running time 15 minutes

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